Logging In to WebAdvisor

To search for classes, go to WebAdvisor click on Students and then click on Search For Classes. To search for classes select a term, then select a subject. Click on submit at the bottom of the page. In order to access other WebAdvisor functions such as online registration, one of the following is required:

  • Must be a continuing student in an approved program of study or
  • Must be a faculty or staff member of TCL

1. Go to TCL's WebAdvisor.

2. Click "Log In". Enter Username and Password.

Determining your Username and Password

Your Username = First Name + Last Name
Your Password = Last 7 Digits of your Social Security Number

Examples are listed below:





Alicia Jones




Derek Pennington




Edward Harris




3. Select from "Prospective Students, Students, or Faculty and Staff" to access the desired menu.

4. Click on "Change Password".

You must change your original password (PIN) when you access the system for the first time. Your new password should be a 6-9 character alphanumeric (combination of letters and numbers) password that you can remember more easily.

If you forget your password and are unable to access the system, call 470-8395 for assistance.

5. Select the function that you wish to perform (i.e. Register for Classes).

If you need further assistance accessing the system, email webadvisor@tcl.edu or phone 525-8344 or 525-8356. You must include your name and student or social security number with your request.

For general questions about registration or class selection, please speak with your advisor or the Registrar's office at 525-8210.